Jez Grant

Fitness Instructor

Jez worked in the military and security services for many years before becoming a teacher. He taught physical education in several schools before trying his hand as a fitness trainer.

Qualifications:Level 2 Circuits trainer. Running Coach. Remote Medic (Paramedic Assistant)

Specialist Areas:Running courses, project management, leading young people on expeditions for personal growth.

Motivation: “I love to see people growing in their fitness progression. Working in the outdoors leads to a healthy lifestyle and I also advise on the right nutrition. I take my trainers everywhere I go just in case! I love working with people of all ages from 7 to 70 and I’m always creative in the exercises I set for people. The sessions will always be fun, challenging and I use a mix of team games and kit to keep the motivation high.”

Speak to Jez to learn more about our corporate wellness and fitness programmes or to book a corporate personal trainer by calling 01234 964047 or book online with our contact form.