Martin Copland

Martin Copland – Fight Back to Fitness

We recently caught up with our colleague Martin Copland, who has his own amazing story to tell after a serious health scare a couple of years ago. Martin takes up the story, “I was enjoying life and looking forward to semi-retirement and a new career writing, when I decided that at my age (54 at the time) it was time for a full MOT, so I went to my doctor for a well man test.  I had always thought of myself as fit, being a keen tennis player and cyclist, but I also found the corporate world quite stressful.

Dangerous Blood Pressure

The results seemed pretty straightforward with nothing to worry about. Although, I did get a little concerned when the nurse said my blood pressure reading was particularly high – perhaps it was the nerves. After being referred to the doctor he put me on a 24-hour blood pressure test.  My blood pressure was an unbelievable 180 over 90! The diagnosis was not good and the doctor wanted to put me on medication right away.

I rang my wife Jules and gave her the grave news. Although both in a state of shock, we made the mutual decision to fight the high blood pressure through diet and exercise. We both understood that this course of action was against doctor’s advice and at our own risk. But we figured we would have a short time frame to beat it or take the drugs.

Personal Training and Nutritional Advice

So, as a nutritional adviser Jules started the research on the foods that I should eat. Everything from celery to skimmed milk to a handful of nuts was introduced to my diet every single day. The personal training exercise programme involved running sessions and I joined the local boot camp twice a week.

Amazing Results

The results were simply staggering. In a matter of a few weeks, my blood pressure was down to 120 over 80 and my resting heart rate now hovers around the 50 bpm mark, which is not bad for an arthritic 56 year old!

Looking back, a lot of my problems could probably be traced back to stress at work and I know that I am lucky to be semi-retired and writing for a living.  I couldn’t have achieved the amazing turnaround without changing my diet and fitness regime for life.  I now feel better, have lost half a stone and discovered some interesting new passions – I run the New York Marathon this November!  I’ll be providing regular updates as the marathon training starts up – so keep an eye out on this website”.

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