I recently wrote a blog about songs with cats in the title for our other business HomeFurYou and it got me to thinking about songs that mention running.

This is interesting in itself, because there is a constant debate in running circles about whether listening to music on headphones is a good or bad idea. Jules and myself never use headphones because we think it puts us off our stride as songs are all at different BPM’s (beats per minute) . We think this makes it hard to concentrate on getting a consistent speed going, especially over long distances. Others swear by their music playlists and see it as an essential component of their training regime (and sometimes even on race days).

To be honest, it’s your choice, What works for one person will be a big “no-no” for another. If you fancy putting together a running compilation, that can be great fun in itself or there are plenty on the market.

So, back to those songs.

Here’s just a few of our favourites that all mention running in the title. “Keep on running” by the Spencer Davis Group is always featuring on the radio phone-ins and usually when someone is just about to take part in a race. For good reason too.  It’s a great driving tune and perfect for psyching yourself up to counteract the nerves.

“Born to run” by Springsteen is a great song of freedom on the open road. More about motorbikes than running, but it will still hit the spot when you need that boost of energy just before you start or when you hit the wall on a long race.

Next up, my own personal favourite,  “Running up that hill” by Kate Bush. Not a good song to run to, but a small piece of creative genius, but then again I’m biased as I said!

How about “Running on empty” by Jackson Browne. A feeling we have all experienced at sometime, but nothing a jelly baby or gel sachet can’t sort?

Finally, a bit of heavy metal – “Run for the hills” by Iron Maiden, although runners hate hills so not sure that would be in their headphones?!

Either way, if you do need some running technique and training, then do give Jules a call as she is a professional running coach. There won’t be any music at the sessions, but it will do you good in the long RUN.