Well, here we are, it’s just two short weeks until Jules and me line up on Staten Island to undertake the journey of a lifetime. We couldn’t have done any more preparation if we tried. We’ve followed 14 weeks of the 16 week programme; experimented with energy gels, jelly babies, salt capsules and drinking the right amount of water around the training runs. But all that matters now is pounding the streets over one last long distance before the 26.2 miles on November 5th.

So, that’s why we find ourselves in Milton Keynes (well it does have a grid system like the Big Apple!). Home of the famous concrete cows and Wimbledon football club! A friend of Jules’s has put together a beast of a twenty miler to test us.

We start with the rather delightful Willen Lake behind us and after a couple of circuits we are out amongst the canals and dog walkers of this 50 years young city. Surprisingly, it’s quite pretty in places and this definitely takes our mind off the task in hand. We start in bright sunshine and reflect that we have been very lucky with the weather on our training runs. Soon enough though, the remnants of Storm Brian come in and it gets decidedly gusty. By mile 12, we are nearly being swept off our feet and we feel our luck has run out. We console ourselves by thinking if we can run into the wind and rain and still finish then we can handle anything NY throws at us. (hopefully, not snow though).

After a challenging run, we are on the last mile and rounding the lake at Willen again. If only there was a crowd to shout out “C’mon Martin you can do it”, I am sure I could find an extra spurt, but in the end I am happy to simply finish and no PBs will be beaten today.

We are very proud to have reached this point but know that the hard work is just starting. I immediately start relishing the big “carb-up” over the last two weeks and kick off with the biggest hamburger in town!

See you in New York!

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