In the strange times we are living through, keeping fit is going to be so important.

My regular Saturday sessions at Harrold Odell Park at 9:30 are continuing and I’m hoping to add more sessions very soon. I think this especially important, as its a matter of time before gyms close down soon as they are breeding grounds for the virus. The shared equipment and mats can harbour Covid 19 for two to three days.

Given that Covid 19 is highly infectious, I have asked all my regulars to ensure that they exercise at a 2 metre distance from each other. In addition, we won’t be having any pair or team exercises, nor will we be using any shared kit.

As we may all soon be told to stay in as much as possible, the danger is that we will just slump in front of Netflix and our fitness will suffer.

So what better way to blow away those cobwebs than to exercise in the great outdoors and meet some great friends, which will also help with your mental wellbeing. Vitally important as we spend more time on our own.

Being outside is the important part of this. The fresh air and vitamin D is so beneficial and even if it’s your one hour outside the house, it’s safe as long as you follow the latest government guidelines.

The body produces endorphins when you work out. The first thing you might think of when it comes to exercise is what is commonly known as “runner’s high.” This describes the release of endorphins that your brain experiences when you physically exert yourself. Endorphins are a type of neurotransmitter, or chemical messenger. They help relieve pain and stress.

So you will feel better in yourself, it will help with your mood and mental wellbeing and best of all – you will have fun. Now that is really something we are all going to need in the next few weeks and months.

See you in the park!