Although it’s getting cooler now, we’ve certainly had a run of hot weather this year.  I really couldn’t handle the prospect of going to the local gym to work out and any form of fitness classes inside, just left me cold and I couldn’t be bothered.  I’m sure you might have felt the same.

As you know at the very heart of Fitbiznow we believe in fitness in the great outdoors.  Whatever the weather, be it sun, shine, snow or rain you will find us outside working out. After a hard day at the office, sitting down all day and coping with the air conditioning (Summer of course), then it’s great to get outside for a good work-out.  On a beautiful Summer’s evening, it’s wonderful to hop on a bike or go out for a run in the sunlight.

The bottom line is you can take your exercise outside – whatever you can do in the gym, with some imagination you can take outside.

So is there really any benefit to exercising outside?

  1. Exercising outside gives you the opportunity to work-out in a changing environment.  In other words the ground and gradient are changing every step you take. In doing so you are challenging your body more and strengthening up the connective tissue which may help to avoid injury.
  2. Wind resistance can help you to burn more calories.  If you’re on a bike or running, you may find a strong headwind, which takes more energy to cover the same distance.  When you’ve got a strong tailwind, you will feel exhilarated and go faster – this can help to build definition in your body.
  3. There’s some pretty good research out there, which has demonstrated that exercise outside can increase energy levels and positivity with a decrease in anger, confusion and depression.  How many times have you gone to a fitness class in a bad mood and walked away feeling so much better.
  4. Exercising outdoors can improve your mental health as well.  There’s some real benefits to switching the laptop off, leaving the mobile phone at home and enjoying the great outdoors.
  5. Being outside can easily be turned into family time.  Take the kids out on a bike ride, enjoy a game of rounder, clamber over the climbing frame.  Not as good as a one hour circuit, but certainly exercise and plenty of fresh air.

So get outside and enjoy.  Don’t forget we are running Group Fitness classes at Harrold-Odell Park from 1st September 2018.  Please do get along.