You’ve been really good about exercising on the lead up to your holiday and then you go on holiday and have a complete break.  No visits to the gym, no running along the promenade, no yoga…… On top of that you’re drinking every night (or all day if you’re all inclusive), eating the wrong foods and adding a few extra pounds along the way.

Trust me I am where you are right now after every holiday and Martin probably struggles more than me.  You then come back and keep putting off the fitness classes or eating the right foods, combined with drinking every night. You plan to start the following week and then the following week, but the old regime never quite gets off the ground.

So how do you get back on the wagon?

  1. First of all don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone deserves a break during a holiday. Don’t feel that you need to come back from holiday and work off what you consumed by doing hour after hour of cardio.  Get that negativity out of the way and see this as an opportunity to start afresh and try something new.
  2. Try a new class. If you’ve been doing a particular class for years, then it can get boring.  That’s where the Group Classes by Fitbiznow come in useful.  You can get plenty of fresh air, whilst meeting new people without being locked into a contract. If you’re in the area, come along to Odell Park, Harrold.  More details here……
  3. Start slowly and be realistic – you’re bound to be tired after a holiday. Start with half an hour a day with gentle exercise to avoid injury. This beats ploughing in with an hour a day of intensive exercise, which might have a negative impact – in other words you get depressed because you could do this two weeks ago and now you’re struggling.
  4. Try to cut the alcohol out during the week and make this a treat on the weekend with a quality glass of wine. I adopted this approach some years ago and now I really enjoy it.  After a holiday, it’s all too easy to carry on drinking.
  5. Try to get your diet back on track as soon as you can – make it fun. With the beautiful weather we are having, we’re barbecuing most evenings – grilling salmon with a simple salad or making burgers.  Having said that, I am writing this in a thunder storm!

Don’t forget it’s hard for all of us when coming back from holiday. I take a break like anyone else and then find I need to spend quite a bit of time getting back to where I was.

Happy exercising and see you at Odell Park on 1st September, 09:30.  Details here.