The gyms closed and then the following Saturday I stood in my usual position at Harrold-Odell Country Park waiting for the usual crowd, when suddenly ten newbies ran out of the bushes.  It was really lovely to have so many happy people, ready to work-out in the sunshine.  We of course respected the two-metre distancing rule and a paramedic advised that he was very happy with the rules we had put in place.  For one hour we forgot about Covid-19 and simply focused on exercise and breathing!

The following Monday I received an email from the Council and all group exercise had been banned and new social distancing rules were put in place.  We of course totally agree with this – I would miss my usual crowd in the park so much.  Overnight my business dived (like so many businesses in the UK and globally) and my group sessions were gone, likewise with my PT clients.

PT and fitness instructors quickly jumped on to the idea of using Zoom.  Who had heard of Zoom before this?  In business it was all about Microsoft Live or Skype meetings.  We quickly researched Zoom and learnt how other fitness instructors were making this work for them.

Martin put an order in for a HD webcam and lapel microphone with a trendy Madonna-style headset. Or Taylor Swift for the younger ones amongst us. Joe Wicks very quickly set up daily 9am sessions, apparently from his lounge?  His daily PE workouts are receiving 1,710,708 visitors from around the word. His videos have been viewed a total of 84 million times.

But that’s all before my online sessions start and I know I’ll be receiving similar numbers!  Once the kit arrives then I’ll need to do a bit of testing and then we are hopeful of getting the first session out within the next seven days.  The Council have even asked me to get involved and do two weekly sessions for them.  We will keep you up-to-date through and our Fitbiznow Facebook page.

Take care Stay Safe and let’s get the country working out.

Love Jules x