In the last week of August, I have never been so interested in the weather forecast.  On a daily basis I was hoping the predicted sunny spell would hold and that everyone would enjoy working out on a Summer’s day.

Well, the Gods were certainly on our side on 1st September.  The day before, Jes and I met up to discuss the programme and what kit we needed to get out of the garage.  So we arrived at 8:30am with the wheelbarrow to empty the kit out of the car.  Unfortunately, we had a flat, so Jes/Martin enjoyed a good workout getting everything across to the bench (which turned out to be quite some distance from the car park).  With everything set up, we waited for the first clients to arrive.  Martin had done all of the marketing and ensured the villages were swamped with posters and cards.  I don’t think you could turn in Olney without seeing the advertising.

At 9:15am the first clients showed up, with their PAR-Q forms in hand.  A PAR-Q is basically a health questionnaire which allows Jes and I to determine what exercises need to be avoided. Also to advise on other exercises which may help in these areas. Everyone seemed very excited, although a little nervous as to what lay ahead.

With the sun shining and around 18 degrees, we started off with the all important warm-up.  This was soon followed by a circuit and then some excellent exercises using power bags, slam balls and resistance bands for running.  Following a fun (yet tough) work-out we organised a final game and then started the cool-down.

The group will tell you what a great session they had.  Hard work, but plenty of laughs and the hour went so quickly.  If this sounds what you need, then please do come along – you will find us outside the Dragonfly cafe every Saturday at 9:30am (please try to come 10 minutes early to ensure a swift start). The cost is £5 per person and you simply pay as you go – no monthly contracts or joining fees. You can find more details here.

If you want to stay fit and healthy, then it might as well be fun and in a beautiful park.

See you there.