This week we caught up with Chris Vele, one of our group and personal training instructors. We wanted to find out what made Chris tick and what a great match he is for Fitbiznow. Over to you Chris…

How did you meet Jules & Fitbiznow?
I met Jules whilst doing my level 3 personal training course at Brunel University. We completed it together this year and that’s where I got to know her and what she was developing with Fitbiznow.

What were you doing before joining the fitness industry?
I worked in E-Commerce at the head office of a large British retailer. It was my first “adult” job after graduating from University in 2012. I learnt a lot during my four years there and worked with some really nice people.

What made you leave the corporate environment?
After around two and a half years, I decided the corporate world wasn’t for me and wanted to pursue something that I was more passionate about: helping others, improving their health & fitness and seeing them progress. The health and fitness industry can appear intimidating for a lot of people and that’s a barrier I wanted to break down.

What are you currently doing now then?
I’m currently working as a level 3 personal trainer at a small gym where I coach their members and train my own clients. Alongside that, I’m just starting up a local boot camp and of course, supporting the Fitbiznow cause! Having worked in the corporate world for four years, I can see how easy it is to get caught up in the 9-5 and not give any thought to health and fitness. I’ve been there myself.

Why start a boot camp?
I’m starting boot camp up with a friend who is also passionate about helping others improve their health and fitness. We’re looking to create a real community,  where the boot camp isn’t just one session a week. We’re looking at supporting our members through the other 165 hours of their week,  including nutrition, training, managing their lifestyle etc. In addition, there will be regular seminars and socials – because who doesn’t like to have a few drinks on a Friday night?

What do you want to achieve long term?
Overall, I want to improve as many people’s lives as possible through their health, fitness and nutrition. To think that I’ve got the ability to do that is hugely rewarding. Even just a conversation with someone is a starting point to doing that.

Thanks for that Chris, really exciting to have you on board. You’ll be meeting Chris over the coming months at some of our group and personal training sessions.

Choose Chris as your personal trainer in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire or Northamptonshire by calling 01234 964047 or book online with our contact form.