It must be dreadful for the gyms right now.  As at Friday 20th March, gyms were instructed to close. .  The shared equipment, mats and changing facilities were found to be the perfect breeding ground for CoronaVirus.

But there’s plenty to do in the great outdoors, including group fitness classes, running, cycling and a walk.  We are receiving so many enquiries re my group fitness classes at Harrold-Odell Country Park and we are planning on adding some new sessions due to demand.

At my group sessions, I insist on everyone being 2 metres apart, there’s no kit and no partner exercises.  OK not as interesting as the usual sessions but the safety of my Fitbizers is paramount.

If you’d rather not attend a group fitness classes, then I’d be happy to offer you personal training sessions at Harrold Odell Park.  I have some lovely clients who I already train at the park, from all walks of life and varying fitness level.

Following a recent Covid-19 announcement, Professor Whitty, the UK’s Chief Medical Adviser said, “It’s very important for adults to take exercise, and being outside in the park, is a very good idea indeed”.

So seems all good from our viewpoint.  I spoke to a personal trainer who said, “for years I preached the power of basics – good nutrition, enough sleep and regular exercise to boost the immune system.  The people who have strong immune systems have a far better chance of fighting off any type of disease or virus than someone who does not follow those principles”.

Dr Alan Redman, a business psychologist and head of science and technology said, “We know from research that any form of exercise or physical activity is good for overall wellbeing – and it’s even better if it’s done outside.  Whether you are doing strength work, press-ups or yoga we know it’s going to have a positive effect on you”.

So, there you have it.  What have you got to lose, give it a go and join us at Harrold Odell Country Park.

Most importantly if you are experiencing any of the symptoms, then don’t take any chances and  please seek guidance from the official Government website.

Look out for each other and stay safe.

Jules x