June Lowry – Back for Good

June Lowry has suffered with back pain for nearly 15 years and has tried everything. She first developed the pain when she was involved in a car crash all that time ago.

June has tried everything from chiropractors to massage and everything in between. “Whenever I pay for a treatment, it gives me relief for a short while, sometimes even a day or two, but sure enough – it comes back to give me grief again very quickly” June told us when we met with her recently.

Personal training and nutritional advice

Almost despairing of finding an answer to this acute pain and not wishing to rely on painkillers, June turned to Julie Minter as a personal trainer. Jules carefully assessed the situation and was very careful to make sure that none of the exercises she gave June would leave to discomfort or indeed make the situation worse.

The exercises included touching the toes, high knees, side bend, bicep curls and moving the arms in a circular motion.

Amazing results

In a matter of two weeks the results were impressive. June was feeling more flexible and her core was more under control, leading to a massive improvement in her condition. She now no longer needs to book in for other therapies and the pain has gone.

“If only I had turned to Julie years ago, I could have sorted this” said June. “I would recommend that anyone with a similar problem get in touch with her. You have to keep the exercises up on a daily basis, but as I have proved it is worth it. My quality of life is so much better and stress free!” 

June really is back for good!

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