So, somehow hubby Martin, got me into running the New York Marathon! I’m not quite sure how this happened, but I think it was something to do with his amazing return to fitness after a health scare a couple of years ago.

Now he’s in top notch condition at the age of 56, he keeps wanting to tick off more and more of his bucket list items. “Life is short” he always tells me and when you have had a brush with mortality it adds urgency to your plans and schemes. So recently having returned from bucket list item number 1 (cycling in Cambodia and Vietnam); we are now planning his training for the New York Marathon in November. Martin got lucky in the ballot, although I think he was secretly hoping his number never come up!

Naturally, as his nearest and dearest and his personal trainer, I felt duty bound to sign up too. The 16 week programme starts now.

First up was a visit to those fantastic people at No Limitz, the sports shop in Bedford. It was here that they videoed Martin’s running style and gait and came to the conclusion that he needed trainers that sorted out his uneven gait, caused by his arthritic hip and knees! These should straighten him out and enable him to run for longer with less pain.

Next day, we were out beating the streets of Bedford on run number one – a short distance to begin with in the early summer sun. The longer stuff comes later with runs of up to 16 and 18 miles. In addition, the bad weather will be with us for the latter stages, but this is probably a good thing as November in the Big Apple is not always hospitable.

We’ll keep you up to date with Martin’s progress, right up until 5th November (date of the marathon) and give a really honest view of training.

Don’t forget, that if you have your own challenge or event coming up later this year, I would be only too pleased to put together a programme for you too. It doesn’t need to be a marathon either; 10kms and mud runs all need planning for too.

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