When the announcement came in March, that we had to close our outdoor sessions in Harrold-Odell Country Park, Bedfordshire we quickly turned out attention to setting up on-line sessions.  Well quickly isn’t exactly the right word, because it took us two weeks toolkit.

We were trying to buy webcams and a Madonna-style microphone at a time when the world was working from home.  Prices were at a premium and even then the delivery date was four to six weeks in the future.   This was way too late and I wanted to keep my group together, keep them fit and make sure we would all come out of lockdown healthy and well.  Not forgetting of course that due to the endorphins that come from exercising, we would all stay positive and happy – we all needed that for sure.

So two weeks later the microphone arrived, the kit was ready and we were ready to try Zoom.  Who had ever heard of Zoom before all this?  Previously it was all Microsoft Teams or Skype?  Zoom launched into life and over 15 people arrived on the screen for the first session.  We started with a chat (people tend to join 10 minutes early) as the social side is so important too.  Then microphones were muted by my audio-visual guy (ie hubby Martin) and I explained what we’d do over the next hour.

So, we started the warm-up and suddenly lots of figures were jumping up and down on the screen.  To be quite honest I was nervous about that first session.  Teaching in a two metre square in the garden, is very different to working out in a big Country Park.  It went really well, in fact so well that within two weeks we were organising HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions for 30 minutes.  They proved popular, as you benefit from a full body workout in such a short time.  I’ll tell you more about HIIT sessions in my next blog.

All the sessions are recorded, which means that if you miss a session you will be able to catch up.  There’s plenty of material on the YouTube channel now, so why not take a look.

We’d love to see you at one of our sessions, so please do come along.

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