As a nutritional adviser and level 3 personal trainer, I’ll be blogging from time to time about how to complement your personal training with the best in nutrition, both pre-exercise and for recovery afterwards.

This week’s health and fitness blog is all about smoothies, the good, the bad and the ugly. “Hang on a minute” I hear you say, aren’t all smoothies good for you? Well yes, they are – to an extent. In fact, you can put just about anything in your Nutribullet (other makes are available) and you will get some goodness or benefit from it.

The biggest downside of smoothies could be when you pulp fruit into them. This is because blending or juicing fruit makes it much easier for your body to access carbs and calories and this isn’t what you want to happen.

It is the fibre in whole fruit that slows down the process of turning sugar from food into blood sugar. So, when you blend fruit, you are cutting up the essential fibre that you need to make your body work more efficiently, to keep your blood sugar steady and to make you feel fuller for longer.

Having fruit in smoothies is therefore good in moderation, but make sure you mix it up with lots of healthy vegetables, especially things like spinach (great for iron) and kale (full of essential nutrients).

So, there you have it. Don’t stop having those tasty smoothies before and after exercise. Have one before for energy and to add that zip to your step and one afterwards to help your body recover and get the essential nutrients it needs.

I hope that has helped you in choosing how to fuel your body for training. Don’t forget I can give you lots more nutritional advice in one-on-one or group personal training sessions in Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire or north Buckinghamshire. Just fill in the contact form  or call 01234 964047 to book a session.  Alternatively, we offer WorkFit corporate wellness and fitness programmes.

Happy blending!