Travis Perkins – Building Fitness in Construction

Back in 2015, Jules was working at Travis Perkins as a Communications Director and was also a keen member of British Military Fitness. It occurred to her that there was inadequate provision for wellbeing and fitness for employees within Travis. She set up a meeting to address this shortcoming and discuss the benefits of a corporate wellness program with the directors at Travis and they met up with Jules and the Regional Operations Manager of BMF. Initially the company agreed to a corporate fitness classes trial run of six months for 50 people including a corporate health assessment and weekly boot camp sessions at its Northampton HQ.

Personal training and nutritional advice

To kick things off Jules sorted out all the communications and arranged a promotional video with the fitness company to spark people’s interest in corporate personal training in Northamptonshire. She also organised an introductory nutritional corporate health seminar with an expert in the field.

Dangerous blood pressure

The corporate health assessment were very informative and led to the conclusion that a high percentage (over 50%) of people taking part had high blood pressure. Each person was presented with a confidential health report. A high-level report went to the company detailing the overall picture.

This was of course of great concern to the company and to their credit they immediately embarked on twice weekly boot camp corporate fitness programme for employees. These were held first thing in the morning and after working hours. The next question was where to hold them? As there was no green space outside the offices, the best place for them was a large disused warehouse. All was good to go.

Amazing results

Nearly two years later, the corporate wellness and fitness programs are still as popular as ever and there is even a waiting list! Most importantly however, the regular results from the health checks are showing massive improvements and increasing levels of fitness.

Jules feels so proud of what was set up in Travis Perkins and said “It was fantastic for me that I was able to put something back into the company that wasn’t just about spreadsheets and figures. For once, I was really able to make a real difference to people’s health and fitness and perhaps even set them on the path to a longer life”. Participants have also mentioned the benefits of the corporate health programme from working out with colleagues they wouldn’t normally have met and the encouragement that this brings to each other.

A wonderful good news story!

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