Corporate & Wellness Programmes

Jules and her team have worked in the corporate world for many years. They know exactly how hard it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as manage a career, busy family and social life.


We Understand Your Struggle

The modern world is a stressful place and fitness programmes and good intentions often fall by the wayside. You take your trainers to work but they often stay in your bag. That healthy salad that rots in the work fridge is replaced with junk food. You drink far too much caffeine all day to stave off that 3pm low. You have no energy and feel guilt for that curry and pint with work colleagues.  Jules knows this feeling and has been there.

The Benefits of Corporate Wellness & Fitness Programmes 

As an employer, you know that you need to take good care of your staff. There is a direct correlation between high sickness rates and employee health, so it can really impact your bottom line if you address this. Employees will be happier, fitter and more engaged. A corporate wellness and fitness programme will set you apart from you competitors, aid recruitment, increase staff retention and lower private health care premiums. Your engagement scores should go up as employees feel more committed and motivated.  Working out together is also great for teamwork and bringing together people from different functions and job grades.

Alongside personal training, we’re able to provide massage, yoga and pilates. We work with a team of dedicated professionals to ensure that all of your supplementary fitness needs are taken care of.

Find out how Jules and the team can help with a health and wellbeing programme. Call 01234 964047 or book online with our contact form.

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