Conferences and Events

Conferences and Events

If your company is holding a conference or leadership event anywhere in the country, Fitbiznow is uniquely placed to offer you support. From group fitness classes to get the day started,  to expert talks on wellbeing, lifestyle and nutrition advice, we have it all.

Group Fitness Classes

As a great energiser to get your day started, Fitbiznow can set up group fitness classes before the main business of the day, We all know what it is like to attend an event such as this. You feel tired, drink too much coffee and alcohol and stay up too late. Well, the perfect antidote to all of this is here now!

We can work with your team on the ground, to fit some classes into the programme. Either early in the day before the conference starts, or straight after the day’s proceedings so that colleagues can  let off steam before the fun part of the evening.

Team building comes as standard and it is a great way of breaking down barriers between departments and grades so that everyone feels equal and involved.

Health and Wellbeing Talks

Fitbiznow can offer talks  and discussion groups, either in your main sessions or on the fringes of your conference. Topics covered range from nutrition to keeping fit, how to juggle corporate lives with health and wellbeing and many more areas.

The US has been ahead of us for many years in this area, but the UK has now woken up to the fact that it can really make a difference to your bottom line and the health of your colleagues. (link to stats on sickness and benefits here)

Find out how Jules and the team can help with a health and wellbeing programme. Call 01234 964047 or book online with our contact form.

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